"I already knew you were good, but all of my guys said you were one of the best presenters they had ever heard. They all took valuable info away from the class." 

- Tommy Loving, WARCO

"I attended your class in El Cajon on August 26th and really enjoyed the training.  Thank you for caring about and protecting peace officers with your legal expertise and generosity.  You’ve inspired me not only in my current position as a financial crimes detective, but also to consider a second career providing legal representation to officers like you have done for so many years.  (I actually already have my J.D. but “hung it up” over a decade ago so that I could get out on the streets after 9/11.)"

 - Detective Henry Hsu, CNOA Member

"I can't thank you enough for an outstanding presentation. I received great feedback from many of the individuals who attended your class. I run a couple of conferences and will definitely be asking you to speak at one of them again in the near future." 

- Lieutenant Chris Sweet 

Washington State Patrol

"I have known Mr. Boyce for approximately eight years and during that time he has been a frequent speaker at our conference as well as many other criminal justice conferences throughout the US. Peter is beyond a doublet one of the finest speakers that we have used in our training. It has become a common practice for us to just plan on using him every year as a guest speaker at our conference. I can assure you that Peter will do a great job for our agency. He is a great instructor and a good man. He strives to always hit his target audience with topics that are of interest to them. He keeps his audience interested and is well versed in a number of topics. I would recommend him to any agency looking for a really good instructor."

- Tim Lane

Director of 17th Judicial District Drug Task Force 

"I have been in several law enforcement training conferences where I have seen Peter Boyce present. He is an outstanding instructor with a deep understanding of the topics that he teaches. As a lawyer he is well versed on many of the issues that our members are interested in and it is always apparent that he is a passionate supporter of our profession. When I served as president of the National Officers Associations' Coalition (NNOAC) I used Peter as a presenter several times and I was always very impressed. I  plan on using him as a speaker again in the near future."

- Ronald Brooks

Executive Director of NNOAC 

"As a 27 year veteran special agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration Atlanta Field Division I have been involved in hundreds of arrests, and trained thousands of Federal, State, and Local law enforcement officers. I realize the importance of training. I can think of no better instructor to inform anyone in law enforcement, especially those in management positions than Peter F. Boyce. Peter has raised the bar in risk management by keeping officers out of trouble. Peter is a staple of the DEA Training Program in the Atlanta Field Division."

         -Special Agent Steven R. Peterson (Retired)
        a.k.a 'Batman'

"When the bullet leaves the barrel...keep your mouth shut and call Peter. He has stood in the gap for legions of officers and departments. Peter is the nationally recognized authority on police liability...fierce litigator, engaging speaker, and friend. A cop's attorney who believes in us." 

-Tim Sellers


"Peter Boyce has been teaching for the DEA for the past seven years and addresses thousands of State, Local, and Federal police officers every year. His lectures on the potential civil liability that every policeman faces when performing their duties is one of the most informative blocks of instruction offered by the DEA Basic Two Weeks Narcotics Course taught several times a year throughout the United States. I have never met an attorney who is more dedicated and concerned about the well-being of law enforcement. Mr. Boyce's commitment and knowledge is unmatched in the training arena."

          -Special Agent James Catalano
          Drug Enforcement Administration
          St. Louis Division

"I want to thank you for your hard work and many years of representing cops. I hope that other attorneys put the passion and hard work you do into their cases."

            -Corporal R. Allen
            Orange County Sheriff's Office
            SWAT Team/Sniper

"Just wanted to let you know that a lot of people in the class thought that your block of instruction was the best of the week.

          -Jamie Crawford
           Highway Interdiction Officer, Anderson, South Carolina 

"Thanks for the informative presentation at the Utah Narc Association class. Your part was definitely the most remembered portion of the conference."

           -Special Agent R. Griggs
           U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security

" I completed my 80-hour DEA Narcotics Training at the BCA in St. Paul, MN.  I wanted to take a moment to personally thank each of you for the instruction you provided.  The training we received was absolutely outstanding!  I’ve been a cop for 21-years, have a BA degree, a Master’s degree, and have attended hundreds and hundreds of hours of training during this time.  This course, without a doubt, easily ranks up there as one of my favorite and most informative courses.  This was a direct result of YOUR willingness to share your expertise with others and to do it in such a way that you grab the student’s attention.  That’s not always easy with cops as I’m sure you know.   The quality of instruction we received over the two-week period was second to none. "

           -Sergeant Dan Athmann
             Burnsville Police Department

"Thank you for a very interesting day of learning in class. With your attitude I think you would make a great Chief of Police or Sheriff."

        -Sergeant Joel Slough
         Patrol/Special Weapons and Tactics Team
         Monro County Sheriff's Office

"Thank you for the time and attention you devote to assisting police officers. The class was great."

-D.K. Murphy
Sumner County Drug Task Force

Comments on class evaluations from a recent HIDTA class:

  • "Super class."
  • "Very valuable information."
  • "The information from Peter Boyce was extremely beneficial."
  • "Great class. I hope all officers get to hear you speak."
  • "Excellent eye opening class. I would like to take other classes taught by Mr. Boyce."
  • "Presentation excellent. Videos made the class."

Comments from the Missouri Sheriff's Association:

  • "Ethics class excellent. Mr. Boyce kept my attention and provided useful information."
  • "Use of visual aids top notch."
  • "The interdiction class kept my interest. It was exciting to learn about topics that directly affect us."
  • "Excellent instructor."
  • "Examples drawn from real life situations kept me engaged throughout his talk. I want more of Mr. Boyce."
  • "Nice to know there are people like Peter to work for us. The general public has no idea what we go through."
  • "Very good speaker. Wonderful job."