Peter F. Boyce: Law Enforcement Training/ Consulting

Peter F. Boyce is a lawyer in private practice in the Atlanta area. For much of his career, Peter has counseled and defended police officers and departments when threatened with suit or sued for allegations of wrongful conduct.

As an internationally recognized speaker and instructor in many aspects of police civil liability and use of force, Mr. Boyce has had the privilege and pleasure of making presentations to local, state, federal and foreign law enforcement officers throughout the world on various liability issues associated with law enforcement work.

He  teaches  classes and makes keynote addresses on various topics  including the Use of Force, 21st Century Policing, Constitutional Policing, Search & Seizure, sexual harassment/sexual diversity, Supervisor Liability, Airport Interdiction, Profiling, Taser Liability, Ethics, and - a class very timely in today's law enforcement climate-  What the Officer, Supervisor and Governing Authorities Need to Do To Survive Critical Incident. 

"My approach as an instructor in the law enforcement community is to inform, discuss, and entertain. I fully recognize that police officers dislike lawyers but believe that my 20 years of experience in representing cops creates an affinity with the law enforcement community. My audiences understand that I am a lawyer dedicated to their profession. My classes are designed to minimize civil litigation exposure and emphasize the importance of training and equipping police officers so that they can do their job in a professional manner." - Peter F. Boyce 

Peter is a graduate of the United States Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration Presentations and Skill Course. He is the General Counsel for the National Narcotics Officers Association Coalition (NNOAC) and the National Drug Enforcement Officer's Association, Inc./NDEOA.

In addition to his seminar presentations related to undercover police work, he has made multiple presentations at the annual meeting of the Regional Organized Crime Information Center, for HIDTA-sponsored training, to State Sheriff's Associations, and to State Drug Enforcement Associations including California, Arizona, Texas, Oregon, Iowa, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Tennessee, Minnesota, Missouri, Wisconsin, New England NARC Associations and FLETC, as well as many other presentations to other police groups on a broad range of topics. He teaches regularly for HIDTA and MCTC.  

Since most of Peter's career has been devoted to representing, counseling, and advising police officers, he is able to bring to his presentations a "real life, on-the-street scenario" that street cops immediately understand and appreciate. 

Peter F. Boyce regularly works with law enforcement agencies to tailor presentations to meet specific training needs. He is available to provide advice, consultation, representation or referrals to police officers and their employing agencies when they confront the inevitable legal issues that too often frustrate effective policing.

"I have known Mr. Boyce for approximately eight years and during that time he has been a frequent speaker at our conference as well as many other criminal justice conferences throughout the US. Peter is beyond a doublet one of the finest speakers that we have used in our training. It has become a common practice for us to just plan on using him every year as a guest speaker at our conference. I can assure you that Peter will do a great job for our agency. He is a great instructor and a good man. He strives to always hit his target audience with topics that are of interest to them. He keeps his audience interested and is well versed in a number of topics. I would recommend him to any agency looking for a really good instructor." - Tim Lane, Director of 17th Judicial District Drug Task Force
"Peter has raised the bar in risk management by keeping officers out of trouble.  Heis a staple of the DEA Training Program." - Steve Peterson, DEA Retired Special Agent

 Peter with Javier Pena and Steve Murphy who worked on the Pablo Escabar case and were the inspiration for the Netflix series  Narcos

Peter with Javier Pena and Steve Murphy who worked on the Pablo Escabar case and were the inspiration for the Netflix series Narcos

Peter's Family Ranch in Wyoming